About Us

Who we are

Awake Texas helps bring like minded minorities together to bring awareness and create strength in numbers to help rewrite legislation that's tailored to our communities. By empowering, educating and advocating for the right candidates.

We vote, we buy and we live in these communities so it is time to speak up and Get involved. We can make a difference and we will make changes if we pull together and do our part.


What we do

As a supporter of Awake Texas you'll be able to help shape the way our legislative body understands minorities needs in the community. There are numerous issues that are specific to minorities that are left unaddressed:

  • Use of force law
  • Mandatory minimum sentencing
  • Cannabis decriminalization
  • Immigration reform

The state legislature is looking for us in the halls of the Capitol. When the time comes to appear we need to be there in numbers. Remember we vote, we are a huge constituency and those of us who want these changes need to speak up.


How you can help

Are you passionate about about change? Would you be willing to volunteer a few hours per month at an event to educate other minorities?

Join us at our scheduled monthly meetings and join us on social media.

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Your Donations help to keep Awake Texas Going. Give what you can a little goes a long way. Thank you for your support. DONATE